ECO Textiles

  • Product Description

The structures of ACE Geotextile is woven and tightly weaved of high tenacity Nylon66 or PET yarns. Not only they are economical, but also the great strength of yarns with impressive two-way support allows resistance against extremely high tensile loads. Due to its light weight comparing to traditional materials, using Geotextile brings you the advantage during installation of construction process. In other words, it is easy to set up with optimum effect. Geotextile have been used in construction of roadway and airfields to either increase the life of the pavement or reduce cost. The placement of Geotextile between the soft subgrade and the granular material may provide one or more of the following functions:

A filter to allow water but not soil to pass through it.
A separator to prevent the mixing of the soft soil and the granular material.
A reinforcement layer to resist the development of rutting and difference settlement.


Product Name: ECO Textiles
Material: PET,Nylon 66
  • Width: 150cm
  • Weight: 0.9~1.1kg/m2
  • Double layers bag-shape specification diversification.
Utilization: Protective material for hillsides, Protective material for river banks