Far Infrared Ray Yarn

Far Infrared Ray Yarn
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Product Name: Far Infrared Ray Yarn (Far Infrared Ray Textile)
Material: 100% Polyester, Polyester 65% / Rayon 35%, Polyester 65% / Cotton 35%
Specification: 10~40’S
Feature & Function:

Textiles that have different fuctions will become the main tendency in the future. Among them, the products that can be thermal, heating or healthy to body, are made from the Man-Made Fiber and mixed with nano-powders, can absorb energy from sunlight or the human body and release the FIR, keep the body warm. Improving blood circulation and accelerating metabolism. Far Infrared fiber reeled from the blend of ceramic powders and fiber materials with high technology, have beed widly spread to the application of underwear, trousers, socks, garment and accessories in international markets.

  • For clothing-underwears, socks, pajamas, sportswear, casual wear…etc.
  • For medical and health care-guards, belly binder, stockings…etc.
  • For bedding -bed sheets, bed quilt cover, cotton wadding …etc.
  • For other uses-filtering materials, sheets, food containers….etc.